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Healthy Start™: A Long-Term Overall Health Solution

Your Comprehensive Family Dentist in Westminster, Co

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Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics strive to give every child a lifelong of healthy, long-lasting smiles. Our comprehensive approach will ensure a happier, more healthier child. Dr. Campbell understands the importance of creating this relationship early because every child deserves a Healthy Start™. The Healthy Start™ system allows an all natural therapy to straighten teeth while allowing proper jaw alignment without traditional metal brackets and wires.


Healthy Start™ System

Healthy start logo Healthy Start™ is a comprehensive clinical approach for children, ages 3 to 13, that incorporates early intervention with uniquely guided appliances known as Earlydontics™. The Healthy Start System™ uses the natural forces of the teeth and the developing jaw to create permanent, healthy straight teeth for a lifetime. The uniquely guided appliances allow guidance of the upper and lower jaw to the correct position ensuring the perfect foundation for all of the incoming teeth. 

The Benefits of Healthy Start™

Please schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience for a free consultation to learn more on how you can give your child a Healthy Start™. Dr. Brandon Campbell is your local family dentist in Westminster, CO and looks forward to speaking with you!