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Same-Day Restorative Care with PlanMeca

planmeca e4d milling unit

Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry

In a single visit to Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, Dr. Brandon Campbell can restore a cracked, broken, or decayed tooth using a custom-made dental crown or a custom-made partial crown with PlanScan E4D Technologies.

Same Day Crowns

In the past, completing a procedure like this would take at least two appointments: one to prepare the tooth and take an impression, so your new crown could be fabricated in an outside dental lab and a second appointment to place the crown. But with the revolutionary PlanScan E4D Restoration System, we can create a fully customized crown, inlay, or onlay in some cases as quick as one hour, so you can have your tooth repaired and be on your way after only one visit.

Onlay (Partial Crowns)

Nevo same day restoration logoBecause of PlanScan’s advanced technology, we only have to remove the fractured or decayed portion of the tooth, thereby preserving the maximum amount healthy tooth structure possible, ensuring functional longevity. Thanks to PlanScan’s precision, you can finally have a strong, durable restoration with minimally invasive care. In most cases, an onlay is the optimal treatment for a fractured tooth replacing a cusp (hill portion of a tooth) instead of placing a traditional crown.


An inlay is completed when there is no damage to the cusp(s) (Raised/functional portion of the tooth), but used when the damage is a little more extensive.

PlanScan is an intraoral scanner that uses blue laser scanning technology, which has a smaller wavelength, so it is more reflective and therefore creates sharper images. This ability to capture fine details allows for more clinically precise prosthetics.

Metal amalgam inlays-before    White composite inlays after
                      Before                                                               After
                   Actual patient of Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics

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