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September 19, 2017

Tips to Prepare Your KID for a Trip to the Dentist.

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Tips to Prepare Your KID for a Trip to the Dentist.

It is normal for a kid to feel anxious on their trip to the dentist.

Parents play an important role in making a POSITIVE experience for their child’s first dental visit. It is best for the parents to stay calm and keep their cool

Try these tips to help assure a positive experience at their first dental visit.                                                                        

  1. Do not over-promise. It is important for the parent to stay positive, but we do not want to give the child false hope. The child can lose trust in the parent and/or doctor if you claim that everything is going to be okay and then your child needs treatment.
  2. Role play – let your child play the doctor and let them look at your teeth and then switch roles; counting teeth, flossing, etc…
  3. Do not bribe your child. This will reinforce with the patient – that this is a scary incident.
  4. Find a dentist that works well with kids. Dr. Campbell enjoys working with kids. He takes every step to make sure your kid is comfortable and he is empathetic to your child’s concerns.
  5. Read picture books. This helps your child understand all of the different procedures and your child will have more of an understanding of the upcoming appointment.
  6. Use simple language. No discussion of parents horrid dental stories. Minimize terms of shot, needle, etc.
  7. Morning appointments are best for children. Do not forget to feed your child before their appointment.


November 17, 2016

Healthy Start: STRAIGHTEN TEETH Without Braces

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before-12-16 after-12-16Straightening teeth, while evaluating the health issues related to breathing and sleep, have been combined into a revolutionary treatment that not only straightens teeth without braces with a fraction of orthodontic costs, but addresses many undetected, but critical, sleep issues that we as parents do not realize our children possess. Healthy Start is a more natural way of straightening teeth while addressing health issues such as ADD/ADHD, bed- wetting, allergies, asthma, mouth breathing, etc. These health issues relate to our children’s breathing ability and sleep behaviors.

Painless? Yes, even for the parents. The cost is less than the fee of traditional braces, and many children achieve desired results in about 1/3 the time without relapse when started early! (more…)

July 12, 2016

Beyond cavities and open margins: It’s all in the bite!

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Big smile

Written by Dr. Brandon Campbell, Editor Advisor, Apex360 Magazine

As a dentist, you seek cavities, tooth infections, and gum disease. You are taught to listen to a patient’s chief complaint, but when you’re investigating the problem, are you looking in the right place?

Your first thought when you see tooth wear may be to treat with an occlusal guard. Your first thought for sensitivity is receding gums, exposed dentin, or maybe cavities. In these and other examples, your initial reaction may quickly lead you to fix the initial concern, but is this truly best for the patient in the long term? You may be missing the most important aspect of their chief complaint—their bite!

An occlusion problem is a risk factor that causes a great number of underlying issues. I am going to share two clinical cases that prove for these patients (and others like them) that occlusion is everything. (more…)

May 13, 2016

Dentist Reveals 10 Ways to Save Your Kid’s Teeth – By Jennifer Thomé Mar 28, 2016

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This article was written by a patient of Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics and originally appeared on

The other day at my routine checkup, my dentist pointed out how I must have been sick as a child. I was a little surprised, so he immediately pulled up a photo to show me the spots and lines that had been caused by childhood illness and antibiotics use. As it turns out, there are a number of common things that can damage kids’ teeth, but luckily, most of them are completely avoidable

Here are some suggestions to help you take better care of your kid’s teeth.

1. Be Careful with Fevers

If you’ve ever noticed that someone’s teeth seem to have a white line going straight across them, it’s likely because they had a high fever or an acute infection when they were younger. Dr. Campbell, of Peak Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, points out that the etiology of hypomineralization of the enamel is not fully understood and that there are many studies going on, but some common factors believed to influence it are fever, the use of certain antibiotics (such as amoxicillin, tetracycline and doxycycline taken before the age of 8) during formations stages or having chicken pox between ages 3 and 4.

When children get sick, the theory goes, the body to redirect its resources to fighting the infection, meaning that the enamel temporarily stops forming. While some parents advocate letting kids run a fever as a natural cure, doing so can affect their teeth, so it might be worth reaching for the fever reducer if it goes on for more than a few hours, especially if the child has other factors that might affect their dental development, such as having been born preterm, poor health, systemic conditions, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis or low birth weight. (more…)

March 10, 2016

Remedies for Dry Mouth

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dry mouth remediesSaliva is your natural defense against cavities. HELP PROMOTE SALIVA WITH THESE SIMPLE REMEDIES!

1) Hydrated- Drink a lot of Water!
2) Vegetables. Vegetables are rich in protein.
3) Cayenne Pepper. Helps to activate the glands in your mouth.
4) Chew Sugar Free Gum and use xylitol Lozenges through the day
5) Consume a lot of water-based fruits
6) Biotene – over-the-counter gel/ spray/ rinse
7) Consume salads consisting of veggies
8) No Tobacco
9) Minimize caffeine

Medications can cause dry mouth too. There are over 400 common medications that can cause dry mouth. You might not even know it…

If your mouth is dry in the morning when you wake up or dry during the day; I would highly advise a consultation. Dr. Campbell will address your oral health concerns with a comprehensive oral evaluation.”

January 6, 2016

New Year, New You; New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

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Happy new year 2016 is here and many of you have started your New Year’s Resolutions. You may have started ways to lose weight, save money, and more. Your new goals should promote a healthier you; a healthier lifestyle. Why not make one of your New Year’s Resolutions improving your dental health?

Research shows that your mouth is directly linked to the rest of your body. Follow these suggestions below for a brighter healthier smile and healthier you in 2016.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water will keep your mouth moist and promotes healthy saliva flow. Saliva buffers all of the bad bacteria in your mouth promoting healthy gums and less cavities. Stay away from sugary drinks such as soda, vitamin water, and sports drinks as these will decrease your saliva flow.

Brush and floss regularly

Brushing and flossing your teeth are the first line of defense against oral health complications. Brushing and flossing will help eliminate harmful bacteria from building up on your teeth and causing cavities and gum disease. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minute intervals. Flossing removes the plaque from between the teeth and below the gums to help prevent gum disease. Invest in an electric toothbrush and/ or waterpik.

Quit smoking and use of all tobacco products

Using tobacco products can lead to yellow-unpleasant teeth, gum recession, bad breath, gum disease and throat, lung and oral cancer. People who smoke are two times more likely to lose their teeth as non-smokers.

See your Dentists for Regular Checkups. 

Seeing your dentist twice a year allows your dental team to monitor your dental health. This allows your dentist to address any areas of concern before they cause discomfort or require more extensive, costly treatment.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

A poor diet can lead to premature loss of tooth enamel resulting in a weaker tooth structure. Fruits and vegetables are full of valuable antioxidants and nutrients that help your mouth fight off bacteria and infection.

Smile More!

July 30, 2015

I can’t stop grinding my teeth!

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headacheIf you wake up with jaw pain, muscle soreness or tension headaches; you could be suffering from a condition called bruxism. This means that you are suffering from clenching your teeth or grinding your teeth during your sleep.
Fortunately, there is a non-invasive therapy appliance that is custom fit for your teeth that can reduce these symptoms and save your teeth from constant damage
Causes of teeth Grinding and/or Clenching
Stress and tension during the day are the number one reasons for a person to grind or clench their teeth during sleep, unconsciously. Other conditions such as anxiety, sleep apnea, and a misaligned bite can also cause symptoms.
At Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, we evaluate each individual and access what appliance is best for you. This custom fit will allow a better fit while reducing most of the symptoms.
Old, traditional night guards that cover all of the teeth only stop the teeth from touching which will reduce the enamel loss. Full traditional night guards do NOT stop the underlying condition, and people still present with muscle tension and headaches.
In our office, we will custom fabricate a night guard that protects from enamel loss, and prohibits muscle tension and headaches. Our custom night guards re-program the jaw and muscles to allow a more ideal fit while not allowing your back teeth to touch. This inhibits muscle use while ultimately eliminating the underlying condition.
Over-the-counter Nightguards – NOT RECOMMENDED
Over-the-counter night guards are not recommended by the American Dental Association. The poor fit from an over the counter night guard can possibly cause more damage to your jaw and muscles. They are too bulky which opens your mouth too much causing pain to your joints due to the fact that your jaw is resting in an unhealthy position. The soft material also will allow your teeth to unconsciously grind or clench more making your muscles more active and more sore. Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics does NOT recommend the use of over-the-counter night guards.
According to research, 70% of people who grind or clench their teeth do not have any symptoms. During a comprehensive exam we evaluate for signs of bruxism and clenching of the teeth by signs of tooth wear and enamel loss.
Custom fit night guards will reduce this constant wear to the protective layer, enamel. Also, it will reduce the discomfort associated with tension headaches and jaw pain.
If you have any concerns that you are grinding or clenching your teeth, visit Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Westminster for a comprehensive evaluation.

April 16, 2015

Mouthguards from Peak Dentistry and Orthodontics in Westminster, CO

77295850Whether your sport is a profession, a passion or a pastime, you need to wear the appropriate protective gear. And one piece of gear that everyone should wear is a mouthguard. Also called a mouth protector, a mouth guard is a flexible, custom-fitted oral appliance that is designed to protect teeth, gums, lips and tongue during athletic activities. At Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Westminster, CO, Dr. Brandon Campbell and his staff can prescribe a mouthguard for you or a family member that will be as comfortable as it is protective.

Custom fitted mouthguards from your friends at Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics are composed of shock-resilient material and are well adapted to the upper jaw, providing excellent retention and allowing interdigitation of upper and lower jaws to provide maximum protection to the dental complex.

It has been shown that a properly fabricated custom made mouthguard by your dentist can reduce the rate of concussions and neck injuries, as well as dental and mandibular (lower jaw) injuries.

Five Reasons to Wear a Mouthguard

  1. A mouthguard protects teeth in case of impact.  Of course, contact sports can involve a heavy blow to the teeth or mouth. But so can almost any other sport. Wearing a mouthguard while playing any sport where there is a chance of being hit in the jaw or head will help prevent chipping, breaking or knocking out a tooth.
  2. Jaw joint injuries can be avoided with a mouthguard. A mouthguard absorbs and spreads the impact of a blow to the face that would otherwise result in an injury to your mouth or jaw.
  3. A mouthguard reduces the risk of soft tissue injury. If an injury is caused by direct impact to the mouth, then lips, cheeks or gums may incur bruising or a laceration. A mouthguard can diminish the extent of soft tissue injuries.
  4. Neck and jaw injuries may be prevented if you wear a mouthguard. Serious injury can come from a hard hit to the neck or jaw. If you’re wearing a mouthguard at the time of impact, then the risk of jaw dislodgement or neck trauma is reduced.
  5. Wearing a mouthguard may help reduce the chance of a concussion. Head trauma can happen during a game or practice. Make sure you have your mouthguard in at all times, because studies show that wearing one may help reduce the chance of concussion.

Estimates are that some five million teeth are lost each year because of sports related injuries. Don’t let one of those teeth be yours…wear a mouthguard!

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you or a family member needs a mouthguard to wear during sports activity, then call Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics today. We offer the highest quality of service to Westminster, CO, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Northglenn, and surrounding areas.

March 13, 2015

Same-Day Crowns with PlanMeca in Westminster, CO

134124545In a single visit to Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Westminster, CODr. Brandon Campbell can restore a cracked, broken, or decayed tooth using a custom-made dental crown or a custom-made partial crown with PlanMeca and PlanScan E4D Technologies.

In the past, completing a procedure like this would take at least two appointments: one to prepare the tooth and take an impression, so your new crown could be fabricated in an outside dental lab and a second appointment to place the crown. But with the revolutionary PlanMeca milling unit, we can create a fully customized crown, inlay, or onlay in two hours, so you can have your tooth repaired and be on your way after only one visit.

Same Day Crowns in a Day

At your appointment, Dr. Campbell will prepare your tooth and design your restoration. Because of PlanMeca’s advanced technology, we only have to remove the fractured or decayed portion of the tooth, thereby preserving the healthy portion. Thanks to PlanMeca’s precision, you can finally have a strong, durable restoration with minimally invasive care.

Planmeca PlanScan is an intraoral scanner that uses blue laser technology, which has a smaller wavelength, so it is more reflective and therefore creates sharper images. This ability to capture fine details allows for more clinically precise prosthetics. Furthermore, Planmeca PlanScan captures and processes data quickly, even if you are having several teeth restored.

Once your design is complete, our PlanMeca milling unit will begin crafting the final product while you rest comfortably in our office. PlanMeca allows for a precise, conservative, and long-lasting solution to your dental needs.

Our goal is to make a restoration that blends in with your smile and complements your overall appearance. With PlanMeca and Planscan E4D Technologies, we can do that in one convenient appointment.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you would like to learn more about PlanMeca and PlanScan, then call Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Campbell. We offer the highest quality of service to Westminster, CO, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Northglenn, and surrounding areas.

February 17, 2015

Emergency Dental Care in Westminster, CO

466710389Accidents happen, well, accidentally. And there is no such thing as an accident happening at a good time. Therefore, if you have a dental emergency, you want to know that your dentist is available whenever necessary. Dr. Brandon Campbell and his staff at Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics in Westminster, CO, provide emergency dental care immediately and compassionately.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Some unquestionable dental emergencies include a knocked out tooth, a loose or misaligned tooth, a severely cracked or fractured tooth, and any type of serious tissue injury involving the lips, mouth, teeth or gums.

If there is bleeding, swelling or pain around the mouth, then chances are you have a dental emergency on your hands. Some emergencies necessitate seeing Dr. Campbell within 30 minutes in order to save the tooth. For this reason, Dr. Campbell responds to emergency calls as quickly as possible, regardless of whether a patient calls day or night, weekday or weekend.

If Dr. Campbell or a member of his staff is not able to meet you right away, then we will be happy to talk to you on the phone and help you manage the emergency until you can be seen. A knocked out tooth is a particularly urgent situation. Seeing Dr. Campbell quickly is imperative. But in the meantime, take the following steps to preserve the tooth after you’ve notified Dr. Campbell:

  • Only touch the crown of the tooth, never the root
  • Rinse the tooth in warm water and be careful not to remove any attached tissue
  • If possible, place the tooth back in its socket and hold it in place by gently biting
  • If the tooth cannot be placed in the socket, then put it in a cup of milk and head for Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics

Call Our Office Today

If you have a dental emergency, or if you need to schedule a regular dentist’s visit, then call the office of Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics today. We serve patients in Westminster, CO, as well as the surrounding communities of Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, and Northglenn.