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Comfortable Root Canal Therapy for Westminster

If you have just been told that you need a root canal, you might have a question like this one on your mind: Do root canals hurt? The answer is no. With today’s technology, a root canal procedure can be completed comfortably and in one appointment. As a result of your procedure, your tooth and the root underneath it will be saved from infection and extraction.

Root Canal Retreatment

Have you received a root canal from another dentist, only to see your symptoms return days, weeks, or months later? Dr. Campbell would be happy to offer a root canal retreatment. During a retreatment procedure, we will thoroughly re-clean the inside of your tooth, making sure that the infection is completely treated, before filling it and capping it with a crown. With a retreatment procedure, you can finally say goodbye to your uncomfortable symptoms.

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6350 W 92nd Ave, Unit A #400, Westminster, CO 80031 USA
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