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November 17, 2016

Healthy Start: STRAIGHTEN TEETH Without Braces

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before-12-16 after-12-16Straightening teeth, while evaluating the health issues related to breathing and sleep, have been combined into a revolutionary treatment that not only straightens teeth without braces with a fraction of orthodontic costs, but addresses many undetected, but critical, sleep issues that we as parents do not realize our children possess. Healthy Start is a more natural way of straightening teeth while addressing health issues such as ADD/ADHD, bed- wetting, allergies, asthma, mouth breathing, etc. These health issues relate to our children’s breathing ability and sleep behaviors.

Painless? Yes, even for the parents. The cost is less than the fee of traditional braces, and many children achieve desired results in about 1/3 the time without relapse when started early!

Start Early: At an early age from ages 5 to 12 our teeth and jaw are developing and can be guided and expanded into a position that is desired, but once growth is complete, movement becomes more difficult. Near the age of 12 our teeth become more permanently fixed in the mouth due to the permanent ligaments and fibers that form around the teeth anchoring them into the mouth. Healthy Start treats early to accommodate this easy movement into position and then use these ligaments to anchor our movement in order to provide permanent results.

Causes of Sleep-Disordered Breathing: Crooked teeth, crowded teeth or mouth breathing can cause underdevelopment of the mouth and jaw, when your child’s nasal and upper airway is constricted.

Healthy Start is an all-natural way to straighten teeth and aids the correct growth and alignment of the lower jaw, expanding the arches to ensure incoming permanent teeth have enough room to erupt in straight, and develop proper oral habits. It allows your child to swallow properly, have a proper jaw joint, a proper airway, and a proper bite.

Healthy Start treats a child comprehensively ensuring a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Every Child Deserves a Healthy Start.



Brandon Campbell, DDS

Owner, Peak Family Dentistry and Orthodontics

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