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TMJ Therapy for Westminster and Surrounding Communities

You may be completely unaware of the small, triangular joints connecting your lower jaw to your skull. Some patients, however, are very aware of them. Known as the temporomandibular joints, they help us open and close our mouths smoothly and comfortably. For some patients, though, stress or an improper bite can cause joint displacement, leading to a range of mild to severe symptoms. But thankfully, effective therapy is possible.

Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction

The symptoms of TMJ dysfunction include:

Do you frequently experience any of these symptoms?  Dr. Campbell would be happy to discuss your situation and your treatment options during a consultation.

What Causes TMJ Dysfunction?

For some patients, the underlying issue behind TMJ dysfunction is a misaligned bite. For others, it begins with teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Teeth grinding is a natural response to stress, but it can lead to serious wear and tear on the teeth and the muscles in your jaw. Most patients who struggle with bruxism have more difficulty at night because they unconsciously grind their teeth while asleep. In a consultation appointment, Dr. Campbell will assess your needs to determine the primary cause of your symptoms, and he will propose a treatment solution.

Effective Therapy with an Oral Appliance

Many patients today have found relief for TMJ dysfunction with an oral appliance. There are many different types of appliances out there. We promise to work with you on finding the one that’s right for you. Patients who struggle with TMJ dysfunction because of an underlying bite issue may benefit from a mouthguard that corrects the bite, while a patient who struggles primarily with teeth grinding may only need to wear an appliance while sleeping. Still others may benefit from orthodontic care. Dr. Campbell will work with you to determine your exact needs.

Call Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brandon Campbell. We offer the highest quality of service to Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Northglenn, and surrounding areas.

Sleep Apnea Therapy in Westminster, Colorado

Do you commonly feel tired throughout the day? Has your partner ever complained that your snoring is keeping him or her awake? If so, you may be struggling with sleep apnea, a condition in which a sleeping patient stops breathing for 10 seconds or more, resulting in interrupted sleep and snoring.

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