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March 10, 2016

Remedies for Dry Mouth

Filed under: Preventive Dentistry — dr_campbell @ 4:06 pm

dry mouth remediesSaliva is your natural defense against cavities. HELP PROMOTE SALIVA WITH THESE SIMPLE REMEDIES!

1) Hydrated- Drink a lot of Water!
2) Vegetables. Vegetables are rich in protein.
3) Cayenne Pepper. Helps to activate the glands in your mouth.
4) Chew Sugar Free Gum and use xylitol Lozenges through the day
5) Consume a lot of water-based fruits
6) Biotene – over-the-counter gel/ spray/ rinse
7) Consume salads consisting of veggies
8) No Tobacco
9) Minimize caffeine

Medications can cause dry mouth too. There are over 400 common medications that can cause dry mouth. You might not even know it…

If your mouth is dry in the morning when you wake up or dry during the day; I would highly advise a consultation. Dr. Campbell will address your oral health concerns with a comprehensive oral evaluation.”

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