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September 19, 2017

Tips to Prepare Your KID for a Trip to the Dentist.

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Tips to Prepare Your KID for a Trip to the Dentist.

It is normal for a kid to feel anxious on their trip to the dentist.

Parents play an important role in making a POSITIVE experience for their child’s first dental visit. It is best for the parents to stay calm and keep their cool

Try these tips to help assure a positive experience at their first dental visit.                                                                        

  1. Do not over-promise. It is important for the parent to stay positive, but we do not want to give the child false hope. The child can lose trust in the parent and/or doctor if you claim that everything is going to be okay and then your child needs treatment.
  2. Role play – let your child play the doctor and let them look at your teeth and then switch roles; counting teeth, flossing, etc…
  3. Do not bribe your child. This will reinforce with the patient – that this is a scary incident.
  4. Find a dentist that works well with kids. Dr. Campbell enjoys working with kids. He takes every step to make sure your kid is comfortable and he is empathetic to your child’s concerns.
  5. Read picture books. This helps your child understand all of the different procedures and your child will have more of an understanding of the upcoming appointment.
  6. Use simple language. No discussion of parents horrid dental stories. Minimize terms of shot, needle, etc.
  7. Morning appointments are best for children. Do not forget to feed your child before their appointment.


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